Technical Support

Need support with your student’s tech? PSD can help 

PSD technology staff are providing technology support for students, families, teachers and staff during this remote learning time. Teachers and staff have been given basic troubleshooting tips for technology issues that may come up while working with students. Troubleshooting tips are being created for parents and families and will be posted soon. Many students don’t restart their computers; this is a great first step in troubleshooting and device health. Please have your student restart their district-issued computer, by pressing Ctrl Alt Delete and the Power icon in the lower right-hand corner, and choose Restart.

If you still have questions after first working with your teacher or need additional assistance with a student district-issued laptop, email Please know, PSD technical staff are responding to many questions at this time; thank you for your patience.  Families can find additional technical support information on the PSD Remote Learning for Students web page. 

For more information about remote learning in PSD, including how to get tech support for using your student’s district-issues laptop, visit the

​​Please see the link below for information on free/cost reduced internet