Cache La Poudre Middle School

Dear Pirates Community,

We all experienced a 4th quarter that we never could have foreseen or planned for ahead of time. We all so very missed being with our Pirates to culminate the year through learning experiences, showcases of learning and celebrations. We are so proud of our entire community of staff, students, and parents as we all worked together to stay connected, support one another, celebrate accomplishments, and continue learning.

Every year we update the website the first day of summer vacation with information about summer activities, August start dates, and supply lists. You will notice that has not yet been done as we are waiting for decisions to be made before posting any updates.

While we do not yet know what school will look like in the Fall, I promise you that I will communicate as soon as decisions are made. Just as we did for 4th quarter, we will do everything we can next year to ensure our Pirates receive a spectacular education.


Alicia Bono; Principal

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