National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)


National Junior Honor Society is a nationally recognized program where students have an opportunity to work together with other academic and service focused students to make a difference at CLP and the community.  Throughout the school year, we will plan service projects and fundraisers that are important to the students.  As a small club, students get to know each other and have many hands-on opportunities to collaborate and improve our community. 

To join:
Students complete an application where they describe how they have demonstrated scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship in the community.  The application also requires students to write a paragraph explaining why they want to be a part of the organization and how they will be an asset to the club.  Each applicant must get at least three adult recommendations.

A team of teachers from the school choose the members of the society based on their application. 

An induction ceremony is held to formally induct the new members into society.  This is a great event where family, friends, and teachers come to celebrate students’ success so far in school and wish them well in the society. 

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