Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO)

ELO is a 40 minute class period at the end of each day (Tuesday-Friday) for students where students have the chance to make independent choices about their learning.

White Day ELO (Wednesday and Friday)

White ELO is a study hall ELO for all students. Students are expected to come to class ready to work for a 40 minute period. White ELO's are also a time when student can make up missed work, start homework, prepare for upcoming absences, work with other students and get additional help from classroom teachers.

Green Day ELO (Tuesday and Thursday)

Green ELO takes one of two forms for students; Extension or Intervention. Students who need additional help in reading, writing or math will be assigned to an intervention ELO. Students who do not need the additional help will be allowed to chose from a selection of enrichment ELO's.

ELO Extensions:

  • Chess
  • Creative Writing
  • Computer Programming
  • Keyboarding
  • Fuel Up to Play
  • Leadership
  • Yearbook
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Weightlifting

ELO Interventions:

  • Reading Fluency
  • Study Skills
  • Writing
  • MobyMax (Math)

ELO classes are graded as satisfactory or unsatisfactory and are not calculated into the overall student GPA.

ELO classes change every quarter.